100 Años



By the blessed and wonderful grace of God, the Message of the Seventh-day Adventist Church will be turning 100 years old in 2010, for this reason, the end-of-year Board of Directors of the Antillean Venezuelan Union, held at its headquarters in the city ​​of Barquisimeto, in the month of November 2005, appointed and commissioned the Commission responsible for organizing and planning the “CELEBRATION OF THE 100 YEARS OF THE ADVENTIST MESSAGE IN VENEZUELA”.

The Commission was initially made up of the following people: Vicente Smart, Nataniel García, Lorenzo Greenidge, Carlos Meza, Guillermina de Hernández, Enrique Valbuena, Carlos Schupnik, Luis Astudillo, Saúl Llanes and Orlando Ramírez.

The first meeting of the Commission was held at the headquarters of the Union, on October 30, 2006, which gave direction and vision to it. The meetings have alternated between the cities of Barquisimeto, Valencia and Caracas.

Due to different reasons, the Commission has undergone some changes throughout this time, currently it is composed as follows: Lorenzo Greenidge, Guillermina de Hernández, Arturo Duque, Ángela Miolli, Marcos Salas, Carlos Schupnik, Daniel Cabezas, Rodolfo Escobar, William Gómez , Orlando Ramírez and the presidents of all the fields of the Union.



“Praise God, acknowledging his blessing in giving us the knowledge of the Gospel, and his direction for his church during these hundred years; confirming in turn, the safety of driving him to continue advancing united in hope”.

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  • Praise God, thank his salvation and the certainty of his direction and his coming.
  • Inspire the Church in the certainty that the hand of God has always been, is and will be at the helm of his people.
  • Commemorate and teach the history of the Adventist message in Venezuela.
  • Express gratitude to the men and women pioneers and forgers of the Adventist message in Venezuela.
  • Challenge and engage the leadership and laity of the church to continue to keep the spirit of the pioneers alive as we march forward in fulfilling the mission.

MOTTO: “United in Hope”.


The Commission has held seven meetings, and in turn it was agreed that each local field will appoint a Commission to support, promote, disseminate the agreements, news, events, plans of the main Commission of the Union and also organize the Celebration in their local field.