Gran Celebración en el Marco del Centenario de la División Interamericana, la Conquista de Lara y cierre del Cerca de Ti Venezuela 2022

Noticias 2 agosto, 2022

During the programming of the closure of the Centennial Evangelism Caravan, Close to You 2022 and the Conquest of Lara, called the “Great Celebration” of the Western Venezuelan Union in the territory of the Western Central Venezuelan Association that took place on Saturday July 30, avira antivirus pro 2018 full crack

Three important reports were given:

Lara’s Conquest.

Colporteur students who were part of the Conquest of Lara gave, together with Pr. Johan Mendoza, Department of Publications of the UVOC, the results and experiences during the two months of work in Edo. Lara.

The Youth Leader of  @uvoccidental , Pr. Johan Mendoza expressed his total gratitude to IADPA, AVCO, UVOC and each brother who had the act of service of hosting each Colportor student.

He expressed: “These young people were waiting for someone to show them the way and speak to them, the Lord devised a plan, we had the book Definitive Hope and by the grace of God today we sing Victory and from today the Colporteurs are reborn in the Student Center Colporteurs of IUNAV”

They are a group of 54 students, led by Abimael González, vice president of the IUNAV Colporteur Student Center, who said: “that the Angel of Jehovah accompanied them in every step they took.”

In turn, the student Alexandra Mulato gave her testimony, she said: “God blesses people and gives places. In each one of those numbers there is a tear of a colporteur.”

Also the Financial Director of the Adventist Hospital of Venezuela MSc. Bianney Pirela expressed her satisfaction with the results obtained in the super medical day held at the facilities of said institution, where for the Glory of God they reached more than 4,000 people with the Eternal Gospel and medical assistance.

And as an offering of first fruits in this Great Centennial Celebration, 16 precious souls gave their lives in the baptismal waters!

For his part, the President of the UVOC Pr. Orlando Ramírez, was in charge of tracing the word framed in the book of Mark 9:35-38, expressing: “The time has come for the people of God to raise their voice with more care and tell the world that “Jesus is coming soon”

He emphasized that each of the Churches, board members, parishioners, leaders, “we must all be fully involved and more so when this world falls apart.

In addition, with great enthusiasm he emphasized the motto: Jesus is coming soon!!!! Get involved! latest antivirus 2017 free download

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